Wednesday, 4 February 2015

While we wait ...

Justice Riordan presiding over the Blais-Létourneau trials.
As captured by citizen sketcher Marc Holmes**

Welcome to this now mostly dormant blog about tobacco litigation in Canada. 

With the end of the Blais-Létourneau trial in December 2014, the action on tobacco litigation in Canada is once again out of the public eye. Justice Riordan has retired to write his ruling on the Quebec class actions. The provincial lawsuits are not yet on view. 

There may be little to report on, but there is plenty to read. 

Some 42,000 exhibits are now available on the plaintiffs' database, as are the transcripts from each of the 253 days of trial. Instructions on using the database can be found here. 

Thematic sets of exhibits are being developed, and are made available on the "Blais Letourneau Exhibits" page linked at the left.

During the closing arguments, citizen sketcher Marc Holmes visited the trial. His impression and illustrations are available on his blog.  With his kind permission, one is shown above.

Stay tuned....