Friday, 20 April 2012

Week 5 - Documents of the week

See note on accessing documents at the end of this post.

About 50 new exhibits were produced during the 5th week of the trial (witnesses were heard on April 17, 18 and 19th), of which only a few were "on reserve" (i.e. not available to the public).

The Plaintiff's document web-site has an excellent a word-search function on its search page, and is a good source for any specific document needs.

The list below groups some of the more substantive exhibits introduced this week by topic, and presents them in chronological order.

Short on time? Some really juicy documents are marked with an asterix  (**)

Marketing and Consumer Research

Exhibit 175
1968 - Summary of Players No. 6

Exhibit 162
1970 - Project Brave ("research on effect of the whole smoking and health controversy on the consumer")

Exhibit 151
1971 Marketing Plans (Imperial Tobacco)

Exhibit 151A
1971 Players Filter Advertising Plan (Imperial Tobacco)

Exhibit 1972
1972 - Review of Gatwick (Strickman Filter) and marketing context

Exhibit 164
1976 - Matinee Special Filter - Usage and attitude survey

Exhibit 170
1979 - R2D2 - Players III (a 'lighter' version of Players light)

Exhibit 171
1979 - R2D2 - Project Pride - (a lighter version of Players light)

Smoking and Health

Exhibit 153
1975 - Minutes Smoking and Health Policy Meeting (Imperial Tobacco)

Exhibit 163
1975 - Anthony Kalhok's memorandum for Smoking and Health Conference

**Exhibit 177
1976 - Smoking and Health - Analysis and Recommendations (Imperial Tobacco)
Related correspondence at Exhibit 178 and 179

Exhibit 168
1978 - Imperial Tobacco market budget by category of cigarette

**Exhibit 187
1987 - Some thoughts on smoking and health, social acceptance, social costs and environmental tobacco smoke

Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers Council

Exhibit 155
1976 - Memo (Imperial Tobacco) on industry agreement on tar and nicotine

Exhibit 156A
1977 - Review of CTMC agreement on tar and nicotine
(covering memo at Exhibit 156)

Exhibit 181A
1977 - Agreement among CTMC regarding tar values
(covering memo at Exhibit 181)


Exhibit 176
1972 - Anthony Kalhok review of Project Gatwick

Exhibit 173
1975 - Imperial Tobacco research on carbon monoxide deliveries from Canadian brands

Exhibit 166
1977 - Imperial Tobacco research on biological activity of smoke from Canadian tobacco (nitromethane fraction index)

Exhibit 161
1978 - Imperial Tobacco research on nicotine enhanced cigarettes (addendum to Exhibit 160)

Exhibit 160
1978 - Imperial Tobacco research on nicotine enhanced cigarettes

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