Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Annexes to Richard Pollay's Expert Report

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Appended to Richard Pollay's Expert Opinion (Exhibit 1381) were a number of annexes, including reports on tobacco advertising as well as images of advertising in Canada.

* The reports are available as Exhibits 1381A to 13810.

* The images, some of which are shown below,  are available as Exhibits 1381.1 to 1381.107.


 "The dark side of marketing seemingly "Light" cigarettes: successful images and failed fact" in Tobacco Control. Exhibit 1381 A 

"Marketing Cigarettes with Low Machine-Measured Yields" in Smoking and Tobacco Control Monograph No.13. Exhibit 1381 B

Advertising/Marketing of Low Yield Cigarettes: Themes, Messages and Miscommunication. Exhibit 1381 C

The Advertising of So-called "light" and "mild" Cigarettes
Exhibit 1381 D 

The Functions and Management of Cigarette Advertising
Exhibit 1381 E

"Targeting youth and concerned smokers: evidence from Canadian tobacco industry documents" in Tobacco Control
Exhibit 1381 F

"Information and Imagery in Contemporary Canadian Cigarette Ads" in Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising
Exhibit 1381 G

How Cigarette Advertising Works: Rich Imagery and Poor Information
Exhibit 1381 H

How Cigarette Advertising Works: Rich Imagery and Poor Information (French Version)
Exhibit 1381 I

The Role of Packaging Seen Through Industry Documents
Exhibit 1381 J

"A Premiere Example of the Illusion of Harm Reduction Cigarettes in the 1990s" in Tobacco Control
Exhibit 1381 K

Un exemple flagrant de la promesse illusoire de la réduction des dommages de la cigarette au cours des années
Exhibit 1381 L

Considering the Evidence, No Wonder the Court Endorses Canada's Restrictions on CIgarette Advertising
Exhibit 1381 M

Putting an End to Deception: Proceedings of the International Expert Panel on Cigarette Descriptors
Exhibit 1381 O

The documents are on the web-site maintained by the Plaintiff's lawyers. To access them, it is necessary to gain entry to the web-site. Fortunately, this is easy to do. 

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The Montreal trial resumes on Monday, February 4th. Witnesses during this week will be Montreal pneumologist Dr. Alain Desjardins and pharmacologist Dr. André Castonguay.