BASIC Instructions on using the Database of Blais-Létourneau trial documents

Many of the documents used during the Blais-Létourneau trial are available to the public on a database made available by the plaintiffs' lawyers.

This database can be accessed at: or

Although the splash page invites a usercode ("identifiant") and password ("mot de passe"), it is not necessary to enter any information into these fields to access the public portion of the site. All that is needed is to press the blue bar that says: "Accès direct à l'information/Direct Access to information."

Press the blue bar to gain entry to the database.
It is not necessary to use a password
The HOME page allows you to access certain collections of documents assembled by the plaintiffs. 

On the SEARCH page you can look for documents by entering text into one of several fields. 

The search page allows you to select documents
through a number of fields
Different ranges of exhibits numbers were used for different parties: 
  • Plaintiffs exhibits: 1 to 1747
  • ITL exhibits: 20000 to 21505
  • RBH exhibits: 30000 to 30333
  • JTI exhibits: 40000 to 40628
  • Government of Canada exhibits: 50000 to 50016
After entering a search, the RESULTS page will provide the selected documents. These can be ordered by date, by exhibit number or by other criteria using the buttons at the top right hand.

Clicking on the PDF icon will give you access to the document -- but sometimes you will be promoted for authentication. If so, enter the term "pdf" into both fields, and the document will download.
On occasion one is prompted for user name and password.
The answer to both is "pdf".

If you have problems using this database, please contact me through this web-site and I will try to assist.