Friday, 1 March 2019

A UNANIMOUS Thumbs up from the Quebec Court of Appeal

It was worth waiting for.  After a wait of 2 years, 3 months and 1 day, the Court of Appeal returned with its decision on the Quebec tobacco class actions.

In short, they agreed with Justice Riordan on every point where he found the tobacco companies guilty of harming Quebec smokers. (The parts of his decision they disagreed with were those where he had let them off the hook).

Well, there was one small win to the industry -- some technical adjustments knocked some millions of dollars off the $15 billion judgment.

More on the details of the ruling will appear here in the coming days. 

Class Action Lawyers briefing the media at the Court of Appeal
March 1, 2019 
Meanwhile, the office lights will be on all weekend as lawyers adjust to this ruling. Between now and smokers (and their inheritors) receiving their cheques will be motions and more motions before the Court of Appeal.

Yesterday, I would have added a Supreme Court hearing as another step on the road to complete victory. But with a strong, unanimous and powerful ruling from the Quebec Court of Appeal, there now seems room to hope that today's 440 page decision might be the last word.